Glasses are the new black.

What used to be considered “nerdy” of having to wear glasses, has now become one of the newest accessory trends. From traditional prescription glasses to help improve eyesight to stylish frames with nothing more than clear lenses. More women than ever are sporting glasses.

Both prescription and fake glasses come in a variety of shapes and styles. Then you have your choice in frames that range from classic colors to wild designs. Obviously there’s plenty of seductive hairstyles to work the sexy teacher vibe. Although, when you’re a busy, hardworking businesswoman, how do you find the perfect hairstyle to show off those specs? Keep reading for this year’s trendiest hairstyles for businesswomen with glasses. 

Matching your hairstyle to your glasses

When you have grown up wearing glasses they are kind of like a comfy pair of broken-in shoes. You’ve grown accustomed to the style that best fits your face and your nose indent proves that there’s no other pair for you. When you find that unmatchable pair of glasses, you know you have to work to find the perfect hairstyle to show them off. From short cuts to dangling curls, there are a wide variety of polished hairstyles for businesswomen with glasses.

1. The Classic Bob

The Classic Bod Hairstyle for businesswoman
The Classic Bob Hairstyle

The all-time best way to wear your hair with glasses is the classic bob. Short hair accentuates your frames and truly makes them stand out against your face. Also, as many short-haired women can attest, the less hair, the fewer problems. With short hair, a little styling goes a long way and can easily look polished and professional when you’re running a little late in the morning.

2. The High Bun

The High Bun Hair Style for businesswoman
The High Bun Hairstyle

Almost as good as having short hair is tying it all up and out of the way. High buns pull all your hair out of your face to really narrow the focus on your stylish spectacles. It is so easy to pull off, you can literally use a sock to create it. The secret for taking a casual high bun to a hairstyle for businesswomen is a nice dousing of hair spray. To really add to the polished look, be sure to slick back any and all flyaways.

3. Bangs & Anything

Bangs & Anything Hairstyle for businesswoman
Bangs & Anything Hairstyle

Glasses already are a commanding presence on your face. Bangs can help give you shape, layers, and help balance your facial proportions. Plus, when you have glasses, bangs will nicely rest on the lenses. With bangs, you can instantly add extra oomph to any hairstyle. They do take a little extra work to maintain to keep from growing out too far, but cute bangs are worth any and all of it. When you pull your hair up with bangs, they add just enough to keep an interesting yet polished look for the office. Then if you happen to have a hot date after your workday is done, you can easily let down the rest of your hair for a cute and seductive hairstyle.

4. High Ponytail with Hanging Curls

High Ponytail with Hanging Curls for Businesswoman
High Ponytail with Hanging Curls

Ponytails are used often but highly underrated. It’s no wonder why a hairstyle is usually a staple for any woman’s wrist because pulling your hair back in a pony is the easiest way to pull strands away from your face and get to business. This also puts your spectacular specs on full display so you can properly show them off. Though, a simple ponytail is a little boring of a hairstyle and typically considered way too casual for the office. To turn a ponytail into a professional business look, take a few extra minutes in the morning to curl a couple of strands to let dangle. This small trick instantly upgrades your easy updo.

5. Half  Up Half Down

A pinned back hairstyle always gives the illusion that you put so much more effort into your hair than you really did. All this style requires is to pull back about half of your hair with a couple of bobby pins and you’re ready to go. This is another easy hairstyle that can be done even during a long red light while rushing to the office. Pulling even just half of your hair back away from your face brings the attention to your glasses frames, no matter the style. For the rest of your hair, you can either take a straighter or curler to it to finish off the style. Or if you are really feeling lazy, a good hair brushing can usually do just the trick.

6. Loose Curls

The Loose Curls Haircut for businesswoman
Loose Curls Haircut

When you have a little extra time in the morning and are really feeling like putting the extra effort into your workday hairstyle, some loose curls or waves pair perfectly with glasses. Putting that extra work into your hairstyle rather than hurriedly scrambling to not be late automatically starts your day off on the right foot. The extra styling definitely shows to your office world that you care about your look, even to people you see every single day. Glasses and curls are both already statements in themselves so when you pair the two together, you’re destined to be rocking a killer look. 

The best glasses for your hairstyle

Maybe you’re on the lookout for a new pair of frames. Or maybe you just jumped on the trendy grandma glasses style. If you are one of those in the second category, lucky for you, glasses without a prescription are significantly cheaper so you can buy a couple of pairs to match your daily hairstyle choice. This is one of the routes to go when thinking of hairstyles for businesswomen who are too busy with work and would rather switch out glasses frames versus spend the time to attempt new styles for their strands.  Either way, this opens up the possibility to instead match your glasses to your hairstyle. 

1. Round Shaped Frames

Round Shaped Glass Frames for Businesswoman

The round-shaped glasses or also considered John Lennons’ frames go well with short bobs or loose, tousled curls. The classic round shape pairs with a looser look and balances out a hairstyle with more depth. Or on the other end, round frames also follow with the curves of a shaped classic bob.

2. Thick Frames

Tick Glass Frames for Businesswoman

Thick framed glasses pair well with long hair pulled up in a polished ponytail or a curly style. With thick frames, they are already creating a stronger statement compared to other thinner styles and so a simple do pairs well with these glasses. Though you should avoid this style if you typically wear a very straight or flat hairstyle. This is too much of a contrast to this statement piece. So a hairstyle either out of the way or with lots of movement is your best choice.

3. Cat Eye Frames

Cat Eye Glass Glass Frames for Businesswoman

These cat-eye style glasses have come back since their famed era in the 20s, 30s, and 40s. Back then they were paired with poodle skirts and frilly socks. Nowadays when you’re looking to rock these styles of glasses, though the skirts haven’t made a comeback yet, they are an excellent pair with top buns or curls. These are a strong statement pair of glasses and so adding a swipe of matte lipstick brings down the strength of this style for the office world.

4. Rectangular Frames

Rectangular Glass Frames for Businesswoman

This style of frames is best accentuated with a classic bob. The curve of a short bob gives enough roundness to ease the straight lines of rectangular glasses. These are the one pair of glasses that do not go with any type of hairstyle with bangs. So that being said, if you already rock the bangs look, you are better off staying away from this style of specs. Since they are already creating a sharp, straight line on your face, you may risk boxing in your facial features especially when paired with blunt bangs. 

5. Oversized Frames or Geek/Grandma Style

Oversized Frames or Geek/Grandma Style for Businesswoman

This vintage style of frames has emerged in the “fake” glasses world in the biggest way. These glasses are the classic style that has been used in many movies to accentuate a geek or elderly person stereotype. These frames pair well with layers or a lot of volume. Perfect for the office setting, updos and ponytails are also hairstyles for businesswomen that can be worn with this style of glasses. Avoid these glasses though if you have a super short cut. Oversized frames already take over a large portion of your face and so a short style can be too much when paired together.

Whether you’ve been rocking the same specs for the last 15 years or you just jumped on the clear lens trend, you want your glasses to be displayed proudly. Especially in your place of work, your glasses add an additional level of distinguished boss babe vibes. Though seductive hairstyles work perfectly with glasses too, they are not always the most professional for the office. Whether you are trying to find the perfect hairstyle for your favourite pair of glasses or a new frame style for your already set hairdo, there are an array of options. 

All that you need to do is find your style and run wild with it!